The Fort McIntosh Club

Restoring a Beaver County Legacy

The Fort McIntosh Club, a tradition in Beaver County since its founding in 1911, has experienced a resurgence as a core group of longstanding heritage members have recently been bolstered by an infusion of new members. This group, representing a new era for the club, has embraced the principles and mission of the organization, and is committed to restoring the club and its facility, as well as revitalizing its legacy.

“We are all very pleased that the Fort McIntosh Club will live on sparked by membership growth, new ideas and the resources and determination to follow through and preserve our precious jewel,” notes Bill DiBenedetto, the clubs current president.

The Club continues as an organization of men dedicated to fellowship and service, and as it has throughout its long history, provides leaders in business, industry, finance, education, government, medicine, law and the arts with a unique opportunity for social interaction.

“Just as Beaver has experienced a revitalization following the construction of the new county office building, updates to its business district, and infusion of restaurant and businesses, the Fort McIntosh Club is being restored and re-energized as an organization,” adds Geoff Taylor, who with Mark Noll, Tim Albanese, Joe Gradwell and others sparked the concept of revitalization and initiated recruitment efforts that has generated over 60 new era members in just a few months.

Fully understanding that realizing a vision requires considerable investment of ideas, effort and capital, the Club and its members are in the process of assessing the facility, concepts for renovation and establishing an operational framework for the organization.

Although these recent developments have provided a welcomed boost in energy and resources, restoration efforts will require time, additional resources and growth in membership.

“The Club is actively seeking new members. Interest is high, but a complete description detailing exactly how the organization will function, what the facility will look like and the financial resources needed for restoration remains a work in progress,” says Mark Noll. “One of the most exciting aspects of this project is the opportunity for each member to be involved in the process.”

Committees have been established to advance this effort, and, throughout the summer, will actively assess the needs of the Club as plans are developed and proposed to the board of directors.

Membership information is available on the club website – Anyone having membership questions is encouraged to contact Bill Connelly, chairman of the club’s marketing committee, via our contact form on the website.

“It is an exciting time for The Fort McIntosh Club.  The projects initiated by the various committees will soon be visible in renovations, family focused events and enhanced use of the facility,” offers an enthusiastic DiBenedetto.